Small grassroots charities like us work tirelessly to make sure every single penny goes towards our mission. At LCTW that means we work hard to effectively spend every donated dollar, pound, or Lao kip towards ending wildlife crime in Laos. Since we keep our costs low, donations of any size, large or small, have a huge impact on our work on the ground.

Thinking about climbing a mountain or running your first marathon? Is your office up to the challenge of a cook-off or a bake sale? Get involved today and consider adding us to your challenge or event! Have you got some great ideas to raise vital funds to help protect the wildlife of Laos? If you have a perfect plan, need some tips or inspiration, or are interested in helping us by running a race or doing a challenge, please feel free to get in touch as we would love to hear from you. We can help you with any materials or information you may need, including setting up a fundraiser page!