We run a multi-species wildlife centre in Asia’s hotspot for trafficking, just north of Laos’ capital Vientiane. We work with authorities to investigate wildlife crime and rescue animals of any species, with an aim to rehabilitate and release wherever possible. Any animals deemed unsuitable for release are offered world-class care and refuge in our wildlife sanctuary.

We are proud to work with global conservation organizations and local governments, assisting in the development of legislation to protect threatened species in South-east Asia, as well as educational outreach programs through schools and visits to encourage the people of Laos to take stewardship of their unique biodiversity. We work closely with volunteers to support our mission and grow our impact, offering ethical no-animal-contact experiences, ensuring that wildlife stays wild in instinct.

One of the most amazing things about LCTW is that our work is so multi-faceted, ranging from advocacy to on the ground rescue work.

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