The conservation work of LCTW comes in many forms: we are developing new breeding programs to reintroduce critically endangered wildlife, as well as our ongoing rehabilitation and release work that supports the conservation of threatened species. We also crucially contribute to global data collection on what species are seen in Laos and collect important data about the illegal wildlife trade here. Beyond this, we play a key role in natural education about wildlife conservation in Laos, fostering a new generation of environmental stewards.

We are involved with many regional and global conservation projects, such as the Saola Working Group. This unique project works to conserve the rare and beautiful “Asian Unicorn”, a species with less than 100 individuals left in the wild.

We also work with international conservation organizations to help tackle conservation issues on a large scale, including playing an advocacy role within the country. As the first organization of its kind in Laos, we are committed to working at the forefront of conservation efforts, and will continue to grow and make a difference in the future.

Indian hog deer

The hog deer is listed as endangered, with a decreasing population